Tito Grill english

Tito´s Bodeguita

Camino del Durazno 1
Exit 35 from the highway TF 5
38400 Puerto de la Cruz

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 12.30 – 23.00 o’clock

Reservations recommended: 922 089 436/647 933 433

We offer access to the handicapped

Ask for our menus for your celebrations.

The „Hacienda San Nicolás de Tolentino“

is a wonderful symbiosis of modernity and cultural heritage.

The siblings.

The siblings Ari and Tito

have successfully integrated a restaurant into a historic hacienda, which will soon be 350 years old and was awarded by the Canary Cabildo in 1986 as a “cultural monument worth preserving”.

The hacienda.

The hacienda served

Marqués Valcárcel and his heirs as the headquarters of Tenerife, which was built around 1675. The hacienda impresses with its simple architecture. Even before you enter the hacienda you will get curious about what to expect after the large wooden entrance gate.


Whoever walks through the gate thinks he enters the paradise. The beautiful landscaped courtyard, harmonizes with the individual buildings of the hacienda and invites you to stay for a while and enjoy the moment

A LITTLE FOUNTAIN, in the middle of the courtyard provides a calm atmosphere for the property, while a salmon-colored water lily attracts attention.

HUGE HIBISCUS FLOWERS, in the most beautiful colors, will put a smile on your face. Geraniums, which stand out with their deep red in front of the white walls particularly carry the tropical-ambience.

A SMALL ROOM is located in an adjoining building, and here as well, they taken care to ensure that it fits harmoniously into the ensemble of the outbuildings. Part of the inner courtyard, in the back area is covered, so that in case of sudden rain all guests can continue to sit in the dry.

A TEAM, which is characterized by its warm kindness, offering a fast service but without hassle, almost silently for the guests. In the kitchen, formed cooks are at the stove and realize a menu that conjures Canarian – Mediterranean with a German touch, the most delicious, creatively prepared dishes on the plate. Seasonal delicacies are offered on a separate menu and thus complete the rich offer of the finest dishes.

„Tito´s Bodeguita“

in the Hacienda San Nicolás is a secret tip especially for tourists;
Enjoy an evening where the “locals eat and celebrate their family reunions”.


Titos Bodeguita in the Hacienda San Nicolás is a little gem, a real insider tip. The garden in the courtyard is a horticultural masterpiece that gives you an idea of ​​the word paradise. We get a seat right next to the well and quickly notice the calming effect the water has on us.

A basket of fresh bread, served with a delicious almogrote and herb garlic mayonnaise, not only tastes good, it also makes you forget your intention of not eating so much bread

As an appetizer we take a watercress salad with smoked salmon and cheese. There comes a very nicely arranged plate, so seductive, that I forget to take photos and start eating; until my eyes fall on the camera. With the leftover food, we tried to restore the original on a small plate. The chefs may forgive us for our faux pas.

The cress with its slightly spicy mustard taste harmonizes very well with the sweetness of the cocktail tomatoes and the mustard – honey – dressing, which also nicely supports the smoked salmon. The cheese cubes give the whole a special texture. A really delicious start.

Tuna tartare with avocado. A clever combination that is in no way inferior to a fine sushi. The raw tuna and the avocado with a hint of lemon are a fine culinary delight, which becomes a successful composition by the capers.

We were particularly curious about the black Canarian pig, from which we ordered a chop with grilled vegetables. We were served a very rustic plate, a huge chop with tomato, paprika and hand-cut French fries, which showed a fine spicy crust. The chop was a poem, excellently grilled, with fine fatty structures, buttery and juicy, a real pleasure.

The dessert. Milk – toffee cream with banana and meringue and mojito sorbet with rum and mint. In a nutshell, both desserts stand for the high level of the kitchen and are a refreshing idea for completing the meal.

Tito’s Bodeguita is a “must” for every friend of culinary delights, even the wine list speaks for itself. Spoil yourself for a few hours in the paradisiacal “Hacienda San Nicolás de Tolentino” with the finest food and the finest wines of Tenerife or other excellent producers.